Thursday, August 28, 2008

Special Day Birthday

Happy Birthday wishes on your special day! To create this card, you will need:
- cardstock, 2 colors (one for the card, one for the piece that's mounted to the front)
-1 patterned scrapbooking paper (This is adheared to the top and came in a cardstock deck from Target that has adheasive on the back - Very convenient and fabulous!)
- birthday rub-on (or sticker, or stamp, your choice!)
-3d flower embellishments - these are again, from K & Company - Love them!
-tiny rhinestone in coordinating color to jazz up the lettering.
-scrapbooking scissors to cut edge of cardstock -optional

Ta-Da! Happy creating!

Wrinkles Are Badges

This is a great little card for a friend that you can joke with about age (if you used this particular rub on.) But, you could really insert a variety of "friendship-like" phrases.
To make the "Wrinkles Are Badges of Distinction" card, you will need:
-card stock
-2 coordinating scrapbook papers
-fiber for top of card
-hole punch
- 3d embellishments - here I used two different leaves - they are by K & Company (you can find them at Michael's.)
-coordinating rhinestones
-rub-on or sticker of your choice - can be friendship or other topic themed

Happy creating! Let me know if you have questions.

Limelight Monogram

The Limelight Monogram card is a really great idea if you're wanting to make a personlized gift for someone. This was from a set of stationary I made as a gift around Christmastime last year.
To make the Limelight Monogram card, you will need:
-card stock
-2 different coordinating scrapbook papers
-rhinestones in a coordinating color
-Initial of the person who you are making the card for - this one was a rub-on initial. Many times, you can find sets of initials and they are in a sheet that has a variety of different styles and colors. I've seen many at Hobby Lobby.
-scrapbooking scissors in desired pattern for edging

Leaf and Lady Bug Thank You

This is a very easy little thank you card. To make the Leaf and Lady Bug Thank You, you will need:
-card stock (color of your choice - 1 color for the card, another for the scalloped piece that is shown in gold here)
-patterned scrapbooking paper
-lettering of your choice for "Thanks" - you can use stamps or handwrite it as well
- 3-d embellishments - I used the leaf and lady bugs - made by K & Company.

Happy creating!