Friday, March 13, 2009

Jump On Over

I've been pretty much limiting my posts to my other blog right now.
I post cards and crafts and recipes and all sorts of fun things. Check me out there!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Glad We're Friends!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted a card! Here is the first one for 2009.
My mom asked me to make my brother's girlfriend a stationary set for Christmas. I made about 25. More posts later!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Special Day Birthday

Happy Birthday wishes on your special day! To create this card, you will need:
- cardstock, 2 colors (one for the card, one for the piece that's mounted to the front)
-1 patterned scrapbooking paper (This is adheared to the top and came in a cardstock deck from Target that has adheasive on the back - Very convenient and fabulous!)
- birthday rub-on (or sticker, or stamp, your choice!)
-3d flower embellishments - these are again, from K & Company - Love them!
-tiny rhinestone in coordinating color to jazz up the lettering.
-scrapbooking scissors to cut edge of cardstock -optional

Ta-Da! Happy creating!

Wrinkles Are Badges

This is a great little card for a friend that you can joke with about age (if you used this particular rub on.) But, you could really insert a variety of "friendship-like" phrases.
To make the "Wrinkles Are Badges of Distinction" card, you will need:
-card stock
-2 coordinating scrapbook papers
-fiber for top of card
-hole punch
- 3d embellishments - here I used two different leaves - they are by K & Company (you can find them at Michael's.)
-coordinating rhinestones
-rub-on or sticker of your choice - can be friendship or other topic themed

Happy creating! Let me know if you have questions.

Limelight Monogram

The Limelight Monogram card is a really great idea if you're wanting to make a personlized gift for someone. This was from a set of stationary I made as a gift around Christmastime last year.
To make the Limelight Monogram card, you will need:
-card stock
-2 different coordinating scrapbook papers
-rhinestones in a coordinating color
-Initial of the person who you are making the card for - this one was a rub-on initial. Many times, you can find sets of initials and they are in a sheet that has a variety of different styles and colors. I've seen many at Hobby Lobby.
-scrapbooking scissors in desired pattern for edging

Leaf and Lady Bug Thank You

This is a very easy little thank you card. To make the Leaf and Lady Bug Thank You, you will need:
-card stock (color of your choice - 1 color for the card, another for the scalloped piece that is shown in gold here)
-patterned scrapbooking paper
-lettering of your choice for "Thanks" - you can use stamps or handwrite it as well
- 3-d embellishments - I used the leaf and lady bugs - made by K & Company.

Happy creating!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty In Pink - Thinking Of You Card

The Pretty In Pink card - A great little greeting to just say "hi" to someone, for instance, Molly Ringwald, or brighten up their day. To make the Pretty In Pink Thinking of You Card you will need:
-Premade card or card stock of your choice (I used white since none of the background shows)
-4 coordinating scrapping papers - I chose 3 patterned, and 1 that was glitter embellished
-1 small piece of coordinating plain card stock (I chose light pink here)
-black embossing ink
-black embossing powder
-"Thinking of You" or similar sentiment stamp
- scrapping scissors in desired pattern
-3-d embellishment
-3-d glue dots (they make the "Thinking Of You" card stock stand away from the card background)

That's it! Thanks for visiting my blog and happy creating!

Jewel Me This, Jewel Me That - Scrapping and Card Embellishments

These are the little jewels that I use on almost every card I make. A company called Doodlebug Design, Inc. makes them. There are other vendors out there as well. They are great little embellishments for adding to flourishes in wording (like in the middle of O's or at the end of the serifs, like in an "S") or you can also add them to showcase the design of a paper or make a design all your own. I often use them on the corners of cards, on the corners of text cutouts or even along the edges. They come in a sheet that has a variety of sizes and they come in an array of colors.
One important thing to note is that they are fairly heavy if you use more than a couple on a card. So, if you are planning to mail your card, it may require extra postage. This past Christmas, I mailed about 50 handmade cards and all but 3 required extra postage. But, I heard from many people who received the cards, that they were pleasantly surprised and were planning to frame my holiday greeting work of art.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scrapbooking or Card Making Fiber

This is one of my favorite companies for fiber - It's called BasicGrey and this happens to be "Mellow". These are great for scrapping and greeting cards because they are usually in some sort of color scheme (for those of us who are color-challenged!) and you can use them together or separate them. They just add that little something extra and really give your greetings and scrappings a personal feel and touch.
I often use my little hole punch and add a tiny bit to a corner or glue a little remnant horizontally or vertically across the card.
For Christmas last year, I used a full length to hang a custom-made decoupaged canvas. I used some glittered letters and some Christmas scrapbooking papers to create some holiday-inspired decor.
I googled this company and there are many, many websites that sell BasicGrey fibers - many times on sale.
Let your imagination go and create something beautiful and personalized!

Blue and Green Birthday Wishes - Birthday Card

This is the first card where I used the 3-D Glue Dots. It's a little difficult to tell from the picture, but the blue diamond and the green scalloped card stock that says "Happy Birthday" are standing away from the card in 3-D fashion. To make the Blue and Green Birthday Wishes card, you will need:
-Brown pre-made card or card stock
-2 different coordinating scrapbooking papers - These two came from Archiver's.
-A light blue small piece of card stock (Actually, this is a great place to use scraps from previously made cards. That's why I keep almost all my scraps.)
-A lime green small piece of card stock
-Green rhinestones
-Happy Birthday stamp or marker in coordinating color if you wish to write your birthday words
- Glue Dots 3-D adheasives (See previous post. I got mine at Archiver's.)

That's it! Happy creating and let me know if you have questions!

A Scrapbookers and Card Makers Dream: 3-D Glue Dots

These are a fabulous new discovery of mine. There are many of you that have probably already used them. But, these little glue dots are great for adding dimension to your scrapbook pages and cards. They come in a sheet that is perforated and you peel one side off, stick it to whatever you want to be 3-D, peel off the other side and mount it. They are wonderful. I picked these up at Archiver's on my scrapbooking/cardmaking supply trip this last weekend. I've already used them on two different cards!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Margaritaville - Encouragement Card

This is a great little card for someone who is having a bad day (or month!) and likes her share of limes and tequila! To make a card like this you will need:
- Pre-made card or card stock of your color choice (I used yellow, but it didn't really matter)
-Patterned scrapbooking paper that has yellows or greens in it(if you want to go with the margarita theme. You could certainly use pinks/oranges for a cosmo, or purples and reds for'd just have to change the phrasing...) This one came from Archiver's - I LOVE THAT PLACE!
-Yellow card stock (or color of your choice)
-Scrapbooking scissors - I used the scalloped ones (again! I do have others, trust me!)
-Green rhinestones (or other color to match paper used)
-Rhinestone cocktail - they sell it like this. I didn't custom make it.

That's it! Happy creating!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Creative Memories Personal Trimmer - Product Recommendation

This is the little trimmer that I use for my card making on most occasions. It's by Creative Memories. This is a great little tool to have. You can pick up similar trimmers at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics or just about any craft store.
If you are cutting large sheets of paper, it's a little hard to use, but the cutting surface is lined, so it's very easy for measuring and getting straight lines.
I used the little drawer to keep paper remnants for future use. Once again, just a great tool to have.

Red Is The Color of Love - Valentine's Day Card

I know, I know, enough with the mushy, Valentine's Day stuff already. Ok -this is the last one, until next year, I promise.
This one is great for anyone - girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or family member.
To make a Valentine's Day card like this one, you will need:
-Pre-made card or card stock of your choice (I used pink.)
-Valentine patterned paper (I used that cool embossed flower one again from Archiver's scrapbooking store.)
-Red card stock (I used a pre-made round piece with a cut scalloped edge.)
-Valentine-themed rubber stamp (I used a "love" one and some flourish ones - also from Archiver's.)
-Pink embossing ink
-Clear embossing powder
-Pink rhinestones

Happy creating!

Love Is In Bloom - Valentine's Day Card

This was a really cute little Valentine. The paper on the outside had some embossed parts- like on the petals of the flower (it came from Archiver's scrapbooking store). Great for a girlfriend or a special someone. I gave this one to my mom.
To make a card like this one, you will need:
-Pre-made white greeting card (or card stock if you prefer to make your own, your choice)
-2 Coordinating papers (there is one with stripes that I mounted on the inside fold)
-Valentine's/Love related rubber stamp
-Embossing powder - clear
-Pink embossing ink
-Embossing heat tool (as mentioned in previous posts, use an embossing tool and not a hair dryer. In my experience, the hair dryer will not work.)
- Fabric ribbon in coordinating color
-Hole punch

When it comes to showing someone that you care, a hand-made card means so much more.
Happy creating!