Thursday, July 17, 2008

Margaritaville - Encouragement Card

This is a great little card for someone who is having a bad day (or month!) and likes her share of limes and tequila! To make a card like this you will need:
- Pre-made card or card stock of your color choice (I used yellow, but it didn't really matter)
-Patterned scrapbooking paper that has yellows or greens in it(if you want to go with the margarita theme. You could certainly use pinks/oranges for a cosmo, or purples and reds for'd just have to change the phrasing...) This one came from Archiver's - I LOVE THAT PLACE!
-Yellow card stock (or color of your choice)
-Scrapbooking scissors - I used the scalloped ones (again! I do have others, trust me!)
-Green rhinestones (or other color to match paper used)
-Rhinestone cocktail - they sell it like this. I didn't custom make it.

That's it! Happy creating!