Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scrapbooking or Card Making Fiber

This is one of my favorite companies for fiber - It's called BasicGrey and this happens to be "Mellow". These are great for scrapping and greeting cards because they are usually in some sort of color scheme (for those of us who are color-challenged!) and you can use them together or separate them. They just add that little something extra and really give your greetings and scrappings a personal feel and touch.
I often use my little hole punch and add a tiny bit to a corner or glue a little remnant horizontally or vertically across the card.
For Christmas last year, I used a full length to hang a custom-made decoupaged canvas. I used some glittered letters and some Christmas scrapbooking papers to create some holiday-inspired decor.
I googled this company and there are many, many websites that sell BasicGrey fibers - many times on sale.
Let your imagination go and create something beautiful and personalized!