Monday, July 28, 2008

Jewel Me This, Jewel Me That - Scrapping and Card Embellishments

These are the little jewels that I use on almost every card I make. A company called Doodlebug Design, Inc. makes them. There are other vendors out there as well. They are great little embellishments for adding to flourishes in wording (like in the middle of O's or at the end of the serifs, like in an "S") or you can also add them to showcase the design of a paper or make a design all your own. I often use them on the corners of cards, on the corners of text cutouts or even along the edges. They come in a sheet that has a variety of sizes and they come in an array of colors.
One important thing to note is that they are fairly heavy if you use more than a couple on a card. So, if you are planning to mail your card, it may require extra postage. This past Christmas, I mailed about 50 handmade cards and all but 3 required extra postage. But, I heard from many people who received the cards, that they were pleasantly surprised and were planning to frame my holiday greeting work of art.