Monday, July 14, 2008

Mother's Day Card

Here is the card that I made for my mom for Mother's Day. Here is the list of items you will need to create a card like this:
- Card Stock in desired color (I used a pre-made card bought at a craft store - Michael's, Hobby Lobby etc. - I used orange)
- A piece of patterned velum paper (this is the pink polka-dot paper)
- A piece of patterned card stock or scrapbooking paper (this is the black/silver glitter paper)
- 2 smaller pieces of card stock - 2 different colors (pink and black cardstock)
- 4 Coordinating rhinestones (for the corners - I used pink)
- Dimensional sticker/embellishment
- Inspirational saying in rub-on format
-Coordinating ribbon (I used pink)
- Scrapbooking scissors in desired pattern (I used a scalloped pattern)
- Hole punch

It is much easier to make a card like this if you start picking out your paper first. I have found that many craft and scrapbooking stores tend to put coordinating papers together. Pick out a few you like, then you can go after your regular colored card stock and embellishments.

Velum is a little tricky when you are using adhesive. Just make sure you are using one that disappears after it dries and doesn't leave a spot under the velum so you can see where it's adhered. For this one, I think I actually put the glue in the middle, so that it didn't matter if you could see it after drying.

Happy creating. Please let me know if you have questions!